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today a friend sent me a link to this board, so I decided to give it a try

I am a professional mechanic and machinist. I spent 17 years building racing engines and cars professionally. I got tired of it, and switched to bikes.

since this is a bike board, here is one of my builds
it runs a 129 cubic inch engine (2,113 CCs, for the metric guys)
baker 6 speed, because they would let me order the gear ratios I wanted.
I also have a 45 horsepower NOS "Hot Shot" nitrous kit on it. it is a harley that can put over 200 horsepower to the rear tire

obviously there are a lot of hand made parts, ranging from the fender with the 59 cadillac tail lights to the exhaust. I did all the fab and machine work myself

Oh and the frame is NOT an FXR... I used a bagger frame, and made a pseudo FXR, for a larger rider...this bike is my daily rider

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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