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another dutch odd creation

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as you guys all know that whe build some different stuff here in the netherlands

harley based engines with matchless/AJS cilinders
others use ducati cilinders
whe have tony leenes the indian specialist who builds different stuff
whe have guys who build their own engines
guys who build trikes with aircooled VW engines and even a guy who build huge bikes with chevy V8 engines long before the boss hoss came out etc

but the other day i met this guy who builds bikes around diesel car engines

not my style of bikes a bit bulky ,but his craftmanship is awesome
(i was there to buy his old ford transit MK1 van which is equiped with a daihatsu taft 2.8l diesel engine by him )
and was able to take some quick shots of the bike and his new project with my cellphone

the engine came out of a volkswagen golf MK1
its a 1800 diesel with part volkswagen/ural/bmw gearbox and the driveshaft is the org. leftshaft of the volkswagen golf
frame /gastank and most otherparts are homemade and the front end is made out of parts from an old tractor

and this is his new project

this diesel engine came out of an old farm tractor
much lighter than his golf based bike ;)

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Really cool, he say what kind of mileage he got? You all run wvo over there?

he does more than 25.000km a year he told me
goes to greece twice a year on his bike his info might be true ;)
and the bike does 1L - 48 KM
El diablo, wvo is waste vegetable oil I have run a 300d Mercedes as well as a John Deere tractor off this with good success I was just curious if it was something you did there.

I see the previous posts explained wvo now, all really interesting.
Aeh,- that must be Steve! Met him on his diesel creation in Croatia last summer,- bike sounds fantastic! If you see him, tell him that I still have his stainless coffee mug!
I think diesel bikes are interesting.. gas is not cheap!

alot of them look like shit though!
but that one looks cool as hell.. :)

here is another pic of that awesome machine!

here is another one i like....

cheers (hope this thread will live on)
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Some run VWO over here, but it's not very popular yet.
Aeh,- that must be Steve! Met him on his diesel creation in Croatia last summer,- bike sounds fantastic! If you see him, tell him that I still have his stainless coffee mug!
haha mads thats him (stefan) steve ;)
i will tell him i will be at your place in july
see what he has to tell

i'll be in denmark with his old transit MK1 firetruck
that he molested :D to put a daihatsu diesel engine in it
Well, to me it really doesn't matter if I like the style of the bike or don't like it, I've got to say thats some hellacious engineering and fabrication. Not to mention imagination and creativity. The builder sounds like somebody I'd enjoy shootin' the shit and trading ideas with. Not bad milage either, what is that, around 115 miles to the gallon?

a gallon is 4 litre and a mile is 1.6 km

@: 66headysporty
yep some people run home WVO overhere ....just to pay less for the ever growing petrol /LPG and diesel prices ,but the vegetableoil is getting more expensive too

next to denmark whe have the highest petrol taxes of all the european countries and maybe even worldwide
we pay more for a litre dan you guys do for a gallon .......(damn !!)
same here(uk),wont be long befoe filling the tank will double the value of the bike!!!
are you saying these diesels will run on veggie oil...that would be unique and cost effective!
Any diesel will run on veggie oil....
One of the first engines Rudolf Diesel built ran on peanut oil.
There's some serious skills overthere in the north !!!

bravo !

Did he say how many hours he approximatly spent on the build?
nope don't know how long it took him
but i bet it wasn't years ;)

because whe have some things in common
he also has some ideas in his head and once they are completed ,whe don't grab a piece of paper
whe run into the garage /shop and grab tools and start making them

i always like meeting people like that !!
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