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Another dumpster dive payoff!

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So after reading Black Knight 1's post I started thinking about what goodies might be around near various shops and what not. As I was walking around London I saw a shop that seemed to have a lot of vintage japanese bikes and noticed they had a large dumpster out back. It was well after they closed so I thought I'd take a peek. Dumpsters had been emptied (i'm guessing earlier that day) and only some packing materials and some bent exhaust tubes were left but as I was walking away I looked back and saw a dull metal lump under the bin.

Walked over and noticed it was a carb - got on the ground and noticed another carb! No idea what they are from but I spent last night soaking and cleaning them and seeing how they look - they look fully rebuilt and just needed a good clean. A stuck float was simply in need of some cleaning and it was good as new.

Now to identify these beasts...

... oh and sorry for the crappy photos - I'll shoot some better ones tomorrow when I get my camera back - this one has a faulty focus doohickey.

Thanks for the inspiration Black Knight!


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Looks to me like standard 38mm mikuni carbs found on many 70's jap bikes. Make great trades !!!!!
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