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Another crazy eBay bike

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the fact that he said "some of her features" in his show sign is what did it for me....other than that, it wasnt NEARLY as bad as half the abominations on there.
some people just try too hard.
caffeine said:
other than that, it wasnt NEARLY as bad as half the abominations on there.
HA HA I'd prolly have fun riding that thing. I agree, looks better than most of the homemade junk I've seen.
One more perfectly executed, but gay idea IMHO.

Wait...I can see's a bike that Hank Young built while in his earlier days experimenting heavily w/ meth.

i love the "hidden" oil tank! and can you imagine a 20's hot-rod bobber with electric start? and the battery's location.......that thing must be TOP HEAVY
I bet you see that bike being at "southern speed" for a long time.
Can i make a motion to put an end to this "hot rod/bobber/old skool/nu skewl/huge stupid fat tire/everthing is hidden ghey-ness"???

Make up your fucking mind, please?

I'm all for a bit of nostalgia now and then. I can handle some traditional stylings with a bit of modern flare. But this shit is just getting out of control.

All its missing are the fake knuckle covers.
While their is an Ebay topic open I gotta issue.

I have my bike for sale with a BIN in the high teens. Why the fuck do I get guys bidding $3500, $4000 and shit like that?

Why waste the fucking time? Do they honestly think that will get them anywhere?

It pisses my off. Fuck Ebay. Unles my bike sells and I find another there as the donor. Nah, still fuck Ebay.
odd yet not as bad as i thought it was gonna be when i first saw this post. could have been much worse. the bie as a whole sucks monkey tits, but certain things arent bad, i.e copper lines nice clean fittings, yeah i guess thats about it

..if Hank Young and Russel Mitchel had a baby and it was retarded..
depends who pitched and who caught i guess
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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