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For what it's worth, I am a fan of Andrews products. I run their camshafts in my engines and their gears in my gearboxes. I will continue to use their cams & gears.

Having said that, I build a 5 speed gearbox with all andrews internals(gears & shafts) about 9 years ago.
About a year and 7500 miles later I heard a strange high pitched sound coming from the transmission.
Upon dissasembly, I found both the mainshaft & countershaft were pitted & galled on all the bearing journals where the needle bearings ride.

The needle bearings were not pitted, just the shafts. I re-assembled it with the original H-D shafts that I had saved. It is still in service.

I still have the countershaft out in the garage, I've misplaced the mainshaft. The countershaft is a genuine andrews part, it has the andrews brand name stamped into the end of the shaft.

I can photograph it if anyone needs to see proof.

Moral of the story: Any company can have a bad run of parts.
Don't just assume the O.P.'s mechanic is an A-hole, maybe he got burned by the andrews brand in the past and has decided not to try them again.

It happens. But, like I said I'll still buy their stuff.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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