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An idiot almost sent me to hell yesterday.

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Yesterday, a friend of mine called me and invited me to a day long ride with a group he hangs out with. He told me that they would be about seven riders and some would have their wives/ girl friends ride along with them.
I own this 1995 custom fatboy in pristine condition that I had been wanting to take for a long ride for a while now, so I decide to invite my GF to come along. We left the rendez-vous point around 10:00 am instead of the intended 8:30 A.M
I was pissed out of my head for having to wait so long for people who obviously could not tell the difference between 8 and 10 . My friend ask me to relax and wait so for the sake of courtesy I did.
So finally we leave. We ride out together and as we are reaching a left turn this one rider in the group decides to take the turn side by side with me and nearly thows us off the road..... My girl automatically says to me:"WTF is wrong with this guy ?" I gave hin one of those looks to which he waved saying sorry dude, my bad..... I should have seen this as the bad sign it was... I think I did ,in fact but instead of turning around and going home ,I pressed on.....
So now I am riding on a 2 lane highway , doing about 45 mph behind the ride captain and his wife. As a safety measure I left about 50 ft between us just in case something goes wrong to allow for some emergency maneuvers . The guy behind me does the same and is followed by the dick who almost sent me fliying in the flower bed about 20 minutes before. Suddenly, the ride leader sees a pot hole on our track and raises his fist to signal it to us and slows down slightly to pass it as the thing was filled with dirt and did not necessitate any hard braking . I raised my fist to signal it to the guy behind me when suddenly out of no where, doing about 80 mph, comes dickhead from my right side !!! He hits my hadle bars and my right arm .... Needless to say that I immediately lost control of the bike and my girl the bike and I went for a 50' slide along the other side of the highway....
The idiot also lost control of his bike about 15' after the impact and went sliding for about 80' . I got up and ran to my girl who was holding her leg crying and sat her down on the side of the road. The fucking idiot was still laying flat on his stomach and was not moving.... I was hoping he was dead but the world would not be so lucky.... The other riders came to our aid and the guy who was riding behind me said :" man, you never had a chance.... This fucking guy passed me fliying from the left and as he reached you went back in and passed you from the right..."
If it were not for leather and helmets he would have killed us all. I came out out of this with a bad road rash on my knee , a badly bruised right tricep and a few cuts and bruises. My gun hoslter was completely desintegrated and litterally saved my ass.... My girl got realy bad cuts on her legs and knees and a badly sraped hand.
My beautiful bike got the worse of it. Exhaust, fenders,tank,handle bars, grips foot and hand controls..... All gone! Mother fucker got up and said:" my bad,man...." Only made me want to kill him more... He made all arrangements to have the bikes picked up and told me that he was ashamed of himself and insisted for covering all the damages. I still want to fucking kill him though....
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stay at the back with unknowns and when you see how stupid they are, make the next turn and leave!
Glad to hear it didn't put you n any worse shape than it did.

This is a glaring example of why I very rarely ride with people I don't know, and haven't ridden with previously. I'll ride with someone I'm unfamiliar with, if a good riding buddy vouches for them, but even then, I'm pretty leery...

Heal up, let him pay for everything, and knock his teeth in if he argues about it...haha
Ride in back with the excuse " I am breaking in the motor" of some other part you would want to baby.
yup, if I ride with some new heads, I just stay in the back...
glad you made it out ok. I am always watching my ass but this just goes to show you never know what can happen..
Wow, glad your ok. What an asshole. Soo many new.riders theses days . Always get behind the idiot..
Yup, group rides with strangers never end well. I avoid them at all cost. Heres to a speedy recovery. After the dickhead pays for your damages, kick his ass!
I would be on his ass to get myself, my girl and my bike repaired. Talk is cheap, and if this guy run his life like he rides, I wouldn't trust a word he says. What a LOSER!
Another reason I like to ride on my own, unless I'm with KNOWN to me good riders. Real glad you didnt get hurt much worse.
Another reason I like to ride on my own, unless I'm with KNOWN to me good riders. Real glad you didnt get hurt much worse.
Absolutely 101%. I don't really dig a "posse" and I despise heroics.

You're damned lucky to get out that easy.

I'm glad it wasn't any worse than it was. Been there myself and don't intend to ever let it happen again.

It's gotten to where as a general rule I won't ride at all with people I don't know and know well. Especially not a group of 'em. Very rarely, I'll let a good friend talk me into it, much as you got talked into it yesterday. When I do get talked into it I absolutely ride in the back and won't take no for an answer.

If they ask why, I tell 'em. "Because I don't trust you fuckers." Fuck 'em. What are they gonna do? Ride off without me? Hell, that's a win for me 'cuz I didn't wanna be there in the first place.
I hate to hear shit like this. I'm glad the two of you are alive!
We could all give the "Hindsight being 20/20" speech but I think your words are the best example of what can happen when you are not aware of the talent (or lack there of) the people you are riding with.

Get well soon!
Dude sorry to hear... i had no patients for stupid asses before my accident but now its even worse. Be thankful you and your girl are alright....

Bike can be fixed with ease...

. "Because I don't trust you fuckers." .
Haha best one
Im sure you have but ya better call your insurance guy, i wouldnt trust the fucker to fix anything hes the type that will try and weasel out of it.just my 2 cents.

If they ask why, I tell 'em. "Because I don't trust you fuckers." Fuck 'em. What are they gonna do? Ride off without me? Hell, that's a win for me 'cuz I didn't wanna be there in the first place.
No shit.

Besides, their response will tell you exactly what kind of riders they are. And what kind of humans, for that matter...

Experienced hands with good sense know exactly what you mean and will respect your caution.

The asshats who take offense aren't the kind of people I want to ride with anyway.

ride in the back. tell them its because you're not as strong a rider as they are. my ego is less important than my skin and brains...
I never ride with people anymore. The last time I went down was due to a group.
Just GOTTA be one in every crowd,huh ? ... Good luck on the recoveries.
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