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I am having a shitload of trouble getting my bike right. It is a 66 triumph 500cc. Seems to run rich on startup (flames out the exh. sometimes), then die as soon as I give it a twist. It has no choke, but never did. Ran good before I made it into a blobber. Changed all the gaskets in the top end (different valve clearances?) I took the orig. monoblock off and put on a concentric. No big difference, except for the lack of fuel pouring out of the bowl from the mono. Better. Still has a bitch of a time starting. if at all. IF the timing is good (boyer, with a tympanium), battery is charged, the next step is fuel delivery right?

I put on straight drag pipes, and have no air cleaner as of now.

This is my first bike, and although I can do cars (HAMB=ratwagon), I am at a loss.

I am thinking about a mikuni carb conv., but am not sure about the $$$ involvrd.

Thanks, Erron
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