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Richie said:
So...I've got 2 brand new just out of the box 930's
That's enough info for me right there.

I have YET to see a set of new Amals come with the float height set correctly. And I don't mean a little off, either. The last set I got (two weeks ago) had the float height set so high it wouldn't close the needle when the bowl was screwed to the body.

If you haven't set it on an Amal before, it's pretty simple.

Rather than bend a tab on the float like with most for-HD carbs, you adjust the height on Amals by moving the needle seat in the bowl. Use a drift or a piece of rod to LIGHTLY tap the seat into the correct position. The correct float height is noted in the book, but in general the lip that's farthest away from the tab should be about 1/32" below the bowl lip when the needle is close. Easiest way to check that is to hold the bowl upside down while holding the pivot pin in place and seeing where the float comes to rest.

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