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AMA Vintage Dirt Track National Champions Year In Review

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The 2011 season started off with 4 great races down south, including the prestigious Daytona Speedway short track and didn't stop until the 13th race at Oakland Valley Raceway Park in Cuddebackville,NY.

The whole year was exciting and we visited some great tracks. Championship battles in all 12 classes were good throughout the year, in some classes the championship's weren't determined until the last lap of the last race. In the 750 Hotshoe Craig Alcantara and Jeff hogan went down to the wire with Alcantara coming out on top only by a 5 point lead. The 500 Masters class had 3 riders separated by 7 points in the end with Dennis Goyer merging victorious over 2nd place Steve Bromley and the 3rd of George Richtmeyer. Not to be out done the 50+ class was a nail biter with Pete DeSantis barely edging our Craig Alcantara by only 3 points. It was exciting to say the least. I think the best part of it all was the race when all the competitors talked amongst them selves about their strategies and all of them had the confidence that it would be them on top. It was just as nice afterwards when they came over to congratulate the newly crowned champ. It's a special thing between racers. They all want to win, but are just as happy to see some one else come out on top.

9 Champions were crowned in 12 classes, with only 3 repeats from last year. Jeremy Eischen, Pete DeSantis and Don Miller were the repeats. The other 6 are 1st time Champions to the series. DeSantis and Eischen are the only multi class champs this year also.

All in all I think this year was a success. We've built on the first years series and seem to be gaining some steam for an even better 3rd season. Joe Bromley, Ken Saillant and myself are all working on a great schedule to get us to some great tracks to make the series even better than before. We're hoping to have it announced before the Thanksgiving holiday, so there is plenty of time to make travel arrangements for the upcoming year.

Now all we have to do to cap off the year is make it to Vegas for the awards banquet on November 18th-20th to pick up our prestigious number 1 plates. Surely this is an event to attend. The AMA pulls out all the stops to honor the new Hall Of Fame members as well as the 2011 Champions.

Hope to see you al lat the races, Don Miller AMA Vintage Dirt Track Technical Advisor

Event info:

Series standings and info:

Shane Livingston Hot Rod Singles Open

Pete DeSantis 50+ and 360 Hotshoe

John Fraizer 250 Masters

Jeremy Eischen Hot Rod Multis Open, 750 Ironman and 750 Masters

Gary Manos 250 Hotshoe

Don Miller 250 Ironman

Dennis Goyer 500 Masters

Craig Alcantara 750 Hotshoe

Brent Johnson Factory Wars
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Sweet coverage, thanks for posting. Flat track is the coolest racing out there.
Does anyone know if there is a flattrack race near the Barber vintage festival?
Sorry, not going to make Barber:mad: I would love to find a suitable track near by to have an AMA flat track race. I am looking into it for the upcoming years.

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