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HackAsaw said:
really good looking stuff and should be an easy sell to folks that wanna spend or have no desire to do it themselves

I'd say any frame designer would give the thumbs down to the headstock gusset on that frame...... it does however...... look damn good to the eye

but weld beads....... lens at 4 inches or so

steady hand

because you can't tell anything about those beads in that shot although I'm sure George is a fine welder/fabricator

I sure don't claim perfection

just hard to tell anything about those beads from that distance and there are some things that leave room to question them being perfect

like are those fisheyes or reflections?

are the beads flat?
Wow, hack!
Your ability to weld is surpassed only by your amazing photo skills, your holier-than-though attitude and your comical use of snide comments and remarks about other peoples work.

Good job, buddy.
You're the "Badass of the Week" right here on Jockey Journal!


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Throughout history, the things that will be remembered are mainly ideas and design.....not handicraft. A good weld is nice to look at today, but fifty years from now, who cares? I doubt Henry Ford could weld.....or Frank Lloyd Wright could drive a nail.

The TRULY skilled craftsmen I have met in my life seem humble....and always love to talk about work that OTHERS are great at.....but not in this thread.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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