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Holy hell! I just left another board to get away from this kind of childish bickering! I am not or ever claimed to be a good welder, but I'm pretty sure this board was not started so people could bash eachother. lame. period.

HackAsaw said:
I caught you? Looks to me like you caught yourself........ now drag this out and I'd love to see you match what I do anytime you are able

and I've raised the bar way beyond your bolt together builds

long ago

I know you'll respect, envy even, the next two coming together just as much as you have my flatty that got a front cover

and on it's own merit....... not because it pandered to any advertisers....... because it didn't pander to nary a soul with anything to sell.......

oh...... wait a minute....... it has a 25 year old Paughco springer on it and I forgot what brand brake shoes

now how often does that happen?

never for you and very seldom in the world of motorcycle magazines

good luck Trent and let me know if you'd ever like to borrow one of my many never been done ideas

because I've still got plenty I'll likely not find the time to use but at best I'd only share with you the concept so you'd need to brush up on some basic engineering skills....... because in my world ya don't just open up the catalog and bolt other people's stuff together........ and it goes far beyond making just a simple tab here and there
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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