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rockymtnpits said:
Haha, not my welding?? You must be kidding.. ask Velvet, or George at Spartan.. Being jealous and attempts at smearing are your strong suits though.. It wont hang here Jerry, you'll be gone before you know it. Plenty of people here know you and and about your tactics. Just a not-so-friendly warning, keep your bullshit on your own board.
Practice makes perfect Jerry, keep practicing and you will get the hang of tig.. its easy once you know how.
That guy's stuff is bad. It's so bad I'm willing to take any of it his hands. Please have him send me anything he's got taking up space.

That board tracker was really ugly. So ugly it kept me up at night thinking about it. Tell George that KBD is ugly, so ugly people stare at it. It hurts my ears and right leg too :D

For the record, I'm the best JB welder on this board!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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