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I've enjoyed the forum for a couple of years now, not asked for much, and given when I can. I am hoping now, that what I have given is payment enough for what I am asking.

On topic now, or else....

I have an 1982 FXRS, there is a picture in the FXR thread.

Its old, its dirty, and its had a very hard life. Just like me!

Well, just like me, it now has a busted hip. Or inner primary to the mechanics in the audience.

Now I don't know if you've ever had to shop for a 1982 FXR inner primary, but they are goddamned hard to come by. So hard in fact, that I am left with only a couple of options. Fixing mine, which isn't a real problem, but it will still be a repaired old one, or, building a new one, which makes even more sense considering the engine I am building for it. Now at first blush, building a new one sounds scary, but when you add in the fact that I have, at my disposal, a 15,000 sq foot machine shop, it sounds a bit more plausible. Throw in the fact that I run a machine capable of reverse engineering anything ever made by anybody, plausibility turns to probability.

Here in lies the request. I need a pristine 1982 FXRS inner primary to scan in. In return, I will offer one billet 1982 inner primary for the cost of materials only. Thats cheap. I'm going to have over a grand in the first one. Materials are only a couple of hundred dollars of that.

So, who has one, and is willing to part with it for at least a week?

I am not going to boot leg an HD part. I am offering the aftermarket a superb replacement to stock equipment, which when joined with an adequate torque arm on the hog nose side, will be capable of handling 150 HP. It won't be cheap. It shouldn't be.

Any help? Anyone?

Oh and here's a funny one for you.

I stopped at the local HD shop, I know right? Anyway, two of the skilled staff informed me that the MoCo never made a 1982 FXRS, they were only available from 1984 on and they certainly weren't available with a shovel head.

It only took 45 minutes to find the "special" book that listed the 1982 FXRS. At least I got the right part number. 60653-82A

Clarity for science sake: It appears there are actually two different inner primarys available for the 82. Depending on which starter you have. Can anyone help clarify this? I can only find one part number: 60653-82A

Thank you.
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