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Hey everybody. I've been hit by some tough times, and the bikes have to go- for now. I'm trying to buy my way back across the country at this point

Anyhoo, I've got two sportys for sale- I would prefer a package deal if at all possible, and I think this is a fair price for the two.

The first is a 1964 xlch (magneto)basket case. I have everything needed to put this one back together, but due to the circumstances I'm just not gonna have the time. I've already blasted the cases, as well as other parts. It was a runner before it was taken apart. Unfortunately, it was originally a home built chop with a really sketchy frame. I have a replacement frame from 1972, and a 1975 front end. Either way, this one titles off of the cases. I never registered this one, but I have the papers from the original owner- so I could go over and get something worked out with the DMV if need be.
Along with this, there are a few boxes worth of parts and such that I picked up at swap meets and from the usual suspects.

The second is a 1970 xlch with electric start. If you know Dr. Benway on here, he knows this one. In good shape, rides nice. Has a PM front brake, front st. bars, some other goodies. I added a horn and front fender to make it legal here in NH as well. I have multiple different seats for both of them. I am replacing a gasket on it right now, but will take pictures and post them as soon as I've got it back together. I will also take pictures of the basket case as well.

Please contact me with any questions. I'm looking for $4800 for the pair, I can't go much lower because I already have that much into them. I apologize for the bad descriptions, but unfortunately given the circumstances I'm in a rush and not too happy to be doing this.


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