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A build for the ol'lady...

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Time to actually start working on this thing. WHat I have so far....

77 shovelhead
cow pattie trans
swingarm frame
round swingarm
39 mm narrow glide
DNA 2 under
juice drum
1.5 inch belt
Have a few tanks I am still kickin around
have 16 and 21 inch spokes fronts
few different sets of bars....

Kinda piecing together a bike for the ol'lady so she can ride somethin that is all her own....

SO I have this rear fender i am toyin around with at the moment...not sure if I want to go this way or not. She likes the solo seat style more...If i go solo I will mount a ribber fender to the swingarm with a medium height sissybar.

I have a king sporty tank, cut up and welded fatbob thing, and a Gary littlejohn arrow tank....if I use that fender I think I will go with the littlejohn tank and a king-queen seat.....

littlejohn tank

King Sporty

Hope to move this along at a good pace

Here is what she is ridin now....and my winter project....

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either one of the first 2 tanks will look great.
The front end on the one she's riding now is better than that dna springer. So is that narrow glide.
No time to work on the bike really but I am thinking about 3 degrees more rake and the narrowglide. This tank and fender setup..

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Yeah I like the idea of trying the narrow glide!
Should have it on there tomorrow for a look.

Does anyone know what kind of foam to use to make a king-queen seat?

Damn, your ol lady will be riding in style with that crazy frank. NICE!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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