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29 March 2012

Square Deal Raceway hosts Vintage National last weekend in June.

Metro Racing HQ - On June 29 and 30, Square Deal Raceway in Harpursville,, NY welcomes
special guest Scott Parker to the AMA Vintage National Dirt Track Race double header.

Metro Racing, the industry leader in vintage motorcycle clothing, pulled out all the stops
to get 9-time AMA Grand National Champion Scott Parker for the weekend event.
Parker, who also has an unprecedented 94 national wins will be on hand all weekend to
sign autographs and do a few laps on the lighting fast 1/4 mile track at SDR. And what
else would he ride on the north east's most awesome short track but a Harley
Davidson MX-250. Metro's own Don Miller dug deep to top last year's event with Shobert
riding a Honda RS 750 and contacted legendary racer Jay Springsteen to borrow his own
MX-250 for the occasion. Turns out, the bike Springer had in storage is most of what is left
from the bike he lent to Parker at Santa Fe back in 1980 that allowed Parker his first short
track win (it was Parker's third overall national win).

The motorcycle is now getting a full revival at the Metro shop in preparations for the event.
Keep an eye on updates at Metro's Facebook page and for any other exciting updates as
the race draws near. More information at or race track information

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Very cool! I was at Santa Fe for that race.
That's too cool. You'll have to attend to witness this event too. I talked to Bill Werner about the race and he called it "The Perfect Storm" Everything just went right for Scott. The Champ, Eklund was on his tail the entire time, but couldn't make the pass. The prior year Scotty didn't even make the main. Little did everyone know, that would change. 94 national wins and 9 championships later:)
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