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89 FLHS 11K miles custom !!!!

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Price7 K
Hate to do this, but listing for my best friends wife... Butch passed away 2 years ago & this was his dream bike !!!
Has about 11 k miles since new. 4 k since the transformation you see here... Bike is sweet,, fast,, abnoxously loud with the drag/ fishtails... Ss carb .. Sat for the last 3 years, i replaced the fuel line, battery & flushed the tank, fired right up & runs better every time i ride it.
All the black is powder coated, paint is translucent burnt orange,,, led taillights/turns in the saddle bag... All that flt shit was removed to make this a real rocket !!!
Offering you guys a shot at it first, its going to ebay if it aint gone immediatly
open to all reasonable offers
also 2 rolling tool boxs full of good quality stuff for sale mac, snap-on, blue point, s/k etc.. Only the best stuff !!!!

pm's or call me directly
slim (352) 613-4856

pics not loading, give email & i can send you a video just shot & pics
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Okay , open to offers, needs to go, will go on egay on sunday
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