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I got on here couple yrs or so ago.
Not yet in any sort of "proper income bracket"; though after I get da sikl back in action, I should be able to earn a way better consistent living; and THEN afford a Baker 5~in~a 4.
Until then, got a 26tooth tranny sprocket (~i realize I'll likely have to carefully modify the case for clearance)...
& I forget what wheel sprocket I've got.
I think when I was here B4, I was trying to sell my old Super Max clutch basket & belt (~13.8 mm x 70t clutch pulley & 1 1/2" Super Max {~Kevlar} belt)...
Still got it.
Also was l馃憖kin to find an old 18" Magnesium spoke wheel (~i'm forgetting, at this moment, whether it was American Racing that the gassers used way back when, & another brand...)...
And nowadays, I guess the new Radir version would be sensible... Yet I recall, last time I was searching (~pretty sure it was here)... that I learned that Performance Machine made the wheel also, in the '70's.
This is a new phone that I've yet to get any of my pictures into (~sikl, etc).

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Thank you Hoges, for the heads up regarding the Jim's Big axle lifters.
I've never heard of that (~though there's surely plenty that I have not heard)
So far so good. The man who built my 93 has quite a notorious reputation for bullet~proof motors.
Since he built it for me for longevity, {~+ I had NOT realized that I COULD HAVE gotten Delkron cases for FAR LESS than I'd previously understood the retail price} and he cautioned me that he himself had seen many early '80's Shuvel cases prone for L.h. pinion bearing race coming loose; he strongly discouraged me from EVER taking it to a dragstrip.
I've got over 20K miles on the motor in with no mechanical issues whatsoever.
2 different occasions I even UNintentionally did sky~high, "12 o'clock" wheelies, that I had to totally let OFF the throttle, or I'd have been on my back w/sikl on top of me.
The crank/wheels are balanced between 2~3 10ths of a 10,000th of an inch from 100%... once, in fall of '11, after changing oil n filter with motor warmed up, it occurred to me to try HAND~crankin the kickstart... I did it VERY carefully, and yet, deliberately (~as properly as IMproper could be)... and it just fired right up, no problem.
Another friend of mine
(~whom my Super Max primary had been on his 88" Pan~chop) had problems with the smaller axle Jim's lifters, and the big axle was the solution for him.
(~and he did 2nd gear wheelies ALL the time)

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According to the good Dr who built my 93" 1980 Shuvel, ...
HE has seen many Shuvel motors
{~if I remember correctly, it was the early '80's, ie~last H.D.Shuvel years of mfr} LEFT HAND CASE (~Primary/kickstand side) bearing race for the crankpin, come LOOSE from the case.

Yes, the early twin-cams (~i really hardly paid much attention or at least had any specific knowledgeable memory retention other than '99-2K, etc... as I, #1, rarely ever had any desire for a twin~cam HD, let alone an evo, and #2, I haven't worked in any mosikl shops in 2 decades
(~other than being there at my motor builder's machine shop as an apprentice {~when I didn't have to be at a wage~earnin job} on occasions of the 1/2 year my own Shuvel motor was gone through and rebuilt/stroked {~if ONLY I'd have known that the good Dr could've got me Delkron cases for a bit LESS than $1K, when last I knew, they were like $3500 retail yrs B4 } to I'll have to ask him about which you years on the Shuvel L.H. case race loosening.

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Well WhizzbangK.C., I know my motor's builder has to a my SOLID reputation of building, rebuilding, repairing & stroking motors and properly rakin in choppin frames, etc for at least 4 decades, and he wouldn't tell me that if it wasn't so.
(~i have known him personally since fall of '98).
I can merely speculate that possibly aLOT of the motors
(~his words, "HAMMERED") he's dealt with, in PHX-Mesa metro, may or may not have been well~abused, maybe 1%'rs, ratracers, etc... & I know when we tore~apart my old '73 ironhead motor
(~from my "Sporty~Glide" chop); I am NOT at all bragging when I confess to that he testified that MY motor was thee MOST absolutely totally slap~wore-out ironheads he had EVER seen.

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Ok so we are talking sprocket shaft! So the Timken races spin in case?
YES, Hoge.
Timken races come loose on Shovel L.H. case half.
AGAIN, ... I am NOT a motor builder and do NOT claim to be.
A local fellar here in nm, when the subject was in discussion between him & I, said he'd never had that issue either, and he's been building em here in nm since '70's also.
whenever I get to talk to the good Dr,maybe tomorrow on my lunch break possibly, I WILL ask about specific years and whatever details he'll pass on about it.

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Thanks Bull. I googled his site it came up facebook that i am not on but it showed he has an Australian flag hanging in the back ground. Got any pics of ya ride sending mine. A hopped 22 year old TC at 107"
And my 68 genny stroker lurking
Good looking HDs in there.
Definitely dig the genie Shuvel, and the blacked-out TC is my favorite look.
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