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This bike started life as a '79 1200 FXS Lowrider. It had 30,000 original miles on it when I did a full rebuild on the motor and effectively converted it to a FLH. Motor rebuild included:

Accel Sprocket and Pinion Shafts
New crank pin and rods
+.030" Kieth Black Pistons
New Timken bearings and races for drive side
Pinion race lapped and fitted with oversize rollers
New Polished Black Diamond Valves
New Rowe valve guides
Andrews Valve Springs
All head work done by Dave Mackie Engineering
Stock cam, lifters and tappet blocks inspected and reinstalled
Only about 2000 miles on rebuild

Other details:
Ratchet-Top 4-Speed Transmission rebuilt in 2009.
BDL 1-1/2" Open Belt Drive Kit
Sealed bearing support on transmission
Foot clutch
Jockey Shift
Installed drum brake swing arm to lower the rear of the bike
Installed early American wide glide with new seals
Hand-bent stainless steel oil lines
S&S Super E Carb
New "Black Box"
Early FL hinged fender
Kick-Only (no electric start)
12" Ape Hangers
Internal Throttle
Hand-bent stainless steel front brake cable housing (nobody has this)
This bike is not for takes a lot of skill to ride with a foot clutch. They call it a 'suicide clutch' for a reason. It also takes a skilled mechanic to keep a kick-only bike tuned up. If you don't keep the ignition and fuel system tuned up, this bike will make fool of you when you try to start it in front of all your friends.

*EDIT* I've also got all the FXS parts that came off this bike that I will include. Inner and Outer primary, electric start junk. Dual disc narrow glide, 16" and 19" mag wheels, square swing arm, FX front and rear fenders, two sets of 3.5 gallon tanks (one nice painted set another brand new unpainted set). Virtually all the take-offs from when I changed this bike from and FXS to and FL.

That being said, this bike is a blast. It starts easily (when tuned up) and runs great. It'll run 70 mph on the highway with no problem. It would cruise faster if gearing was runs out of gears, not power. You can ride two up and the bike acts like it doesn't even know. The only thing the bike could use is some fresh paint but it's not necessary. I've put a ton of time into this machine and love it but it's time for something new. I'm not super motivated to sell and not very interested in entertaining offers lower than the asking price. I am interested in trades, in part or whole, for an FXR or FXDX.

If you're still interested after reading all that please email or call and we can set up a time for you to check it out. If you haven't ridden a bike with foot clutch/jockey shift I won't let you ride it...sorry.

[email protected]


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