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79 Bonneville. What do I need to change to points?

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Dumb question I'm sure but what would I need to swap the factory electronic ignition to points? No cash for a Boyer or anything else.

I'm just guessing about the trouble being the ignition. I was on my way home on the freeway when it started to pop and die at full throttle. So I gave her a little less gas, and then it would start to pop and slow down, again I would give it less gas till it would start again. By the time it finally just died on me it was only going about twenty MPH. When I first started out I was bumping along at a cool 70 MPH. Checked wiring and even bypassed the kill switch. Jumped the coil from the battery and still no go.
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And what's the deal with the search engine for tec questions? I would of guessed this would of been asked before. Do ya have to go into the archive and then hit the search feature? Haven't had much luck with it on here since some of the changes have taken place.
the 79 had a Lucas Rita electronic ignition, so you are going to end up changing a lot of things including the wiring.
You will need a points plate, advance mechanisim, condensers, as well as some wiring changes,....or you could spend $135 for a Pazon ignition unit
The Rita ignitions had a bad reputation and still do, for whatever reason...I suppose maybe the old school guys (me) just didn't like having an ignition system that couldn't be repaired without replacement. For what it's worth, you could have a faulty coil or a fuel flow problem too. Anyhoo, if you're going to switch to points ignition, hopefully you can get all the stuff Tony mentioned for free or 'on the cheap side' otherwise you may wind up paying more to switch over to points than you would to stay electronic.
I would check for spark before I swapped out the ignition. Also the electronic units required more voltage to make sparks than points units. If the battery is weak they won't fire.
Check your battery voltage, if its less than 12 volts, charge it back up, start the bike and check the alternator.
Thanks guys.
Yep, the battery is new and has a good charge and fuel flow is fine.
Didn't think to check for spark. I'll do that before spending any cash on the Pazon.
Yeah, I figured there would be some bucks into making the change to points.
Was just wondering if it was a cheaper option. Broke like a bad joke.
Two coils. If one of them is bad the other cylinder should still fire? It won't fire up at all. the factory unit is tight in place. (didn't loosen up and change timing)
I'll check for spark tomorrow and see.
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