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rode this around the past couple weekends and while i dig it, shes just not getting the attention she needs with the new shovel in the garage.

raked to 44 degrees and hardtailed by Dave "TigMan" Huntress -

she fires on 1 -2 kicks,
runs great,
all new charging system (genny, regulator and battery),
simple wiring kick only,
sweet brown king queen seat (i wish i could find one that hgged the fender better but this one is uber comfy)
new bars are wider 16 in apes (not shown)
new stck style pipes (not shown)
real paughco 12 over front end super narrow, not DNA
paughco? 21in mini drum front/16 in rear drum
horseshoe oil bag
straight 70's pimpin gas tank (dinkgs, nicks,) with funky brown cap
green flake grips (not shown)
numbers matching, registered. i dont have a title but as i am now a Mass resident i CAN get one if need be. the bike is registered in my name in NH (I just officially moved to mass) so you dont need a title but if its easier i can get one.

feel free to make an offer. this is not a project bike. its a good running, (now) charging and good stopping bike that you can tweak to your taste. frame and fender just rattlecanned. ride it as is for the season and then make it your own over the winter.

prefer to sell but will trade for shovel/pan project (long shot i know). i'll get pics up tonight with the new bars, grips and pipes. i also cleaned up the wiring etc.

i'm using the 6 bends on my shovel but if you want them i can include em.
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