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'74 T140, going back to postive ground...

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Sorry if this is has been covered, but I'd just like some advice before I go down the wrong path if you will.

The previous owner of my T140 did a really half-assed job of wiring the bike up negative ground. I've wanted to rewire it, and recently picked up a boyer as well as a podtronics unit. Given that I'm wanting to rewire the bike properly, and since I'm updating the ignition and reg/rec setup, is there anything I should be aware of as I return her to positive earth setup? I can't think of anything since I'm trashing all of the old wire anyway... Am I good to go?

Thanks much, I really enjoy this board but tend to keep my trap shut around here, preferring to drool over the bikes and funny shit you fellas throw around.

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Don't really understand why you don't stay with the negative ground. If for no other reason you can run led lights.
HCC makes a good point as many led units are polarity sensitive...other than that, I don't think it makes much difference if you go neg. or pos. earth...yes, you're good to go!
Thanks, gents. Honestly I want to go back to positive earth because that's how she came from the factory, and it's also how my BSA is wired, so I'd just rather be consistent, as silly as that may seem.
Apart from reversing the polarity of the battery and the rec/reg,they should have also reversed the coil terminals.
They probably didn't,if it wasn't a good job.
Just make sure +VE goes to the +VE coil terminals
it a good thing you didn't buy a 1979 and up T140,
they all came form the factory as negative grounds.
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