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entertaining the idea of selling my shovel. we're thinking of buying a new house now that we have the second kid so may be time to let some things go.

full story on the bike on the webpage

short list:
- new 21 ispokes in front, new 16 spokes in rear with new speedmaster type tire
- rabbit ears from old stf
- low brow alien tank
- stock fender cut down
- 70's king and queen seat
- wilwood rear brake

the only things needed to go back to stock are to remove the 1 bung i added to the frame for the rear peanut tank mount, and a new rear fender. nothing else was cut, chopped etc. bike fires up all the time - hidden elec start switch. kicker should be adjusted but it works. no signals, etc.

im pricing it at what it would take for me to unload it. i have the stock tanks, bars, etc. not trying to be a dink but 3500 wont get it. its ok if it stays in the garage but for the right price she can have a new home. just had her out on sunday up here in boston and she rode great. open to hot rod trades as well. thanks for any interest.

ill throw in the helmet too.

- jason
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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