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CityLas Vegas
'70 Triumph- lower price

Up for sale $5,000

'70 Bonneville

Details good and bad...

good first....

Matching numbers, Nevada title in hand, registered but not current

Sparx 3 phase rotor/stator. I am told this MUST be run with a battery. I wanted it to run Halogen headlight with no issues and keep the electronic ignition happy. This was the solution.

Electronic ignition

Rare Hap Jones Tank. Comes with stock tank as well, it is solid but lost some body putty.

Ribbed Fender/Sissy bar

New rims/spokes, Newer front tine, New Rear

Fresh Wiring

Front lowered 2", was not cut at all!!! Still stock inside, just has an extra spacer in it!

Fresh Motor, maybe 2000 miles, built by professional shop

Bad Ass exhaust by Lucas Joyner, polished raw steel.

New Amal Carbs, like 500 miles

Two extra horseshoe oil tanks, Santee... also getting rare

Extra set of apes and a set of Z bars that already have the mounts wrestled on, if it suits your tastes

New bar mounting hardware, top to bottom. $150 investment, yikes!

New chain, 500 miles

Fab Kevin plate/light assembly

ACCEL racing coil

NGK resistor plug wires, don't interrupt the signal from the ignition

Bolt on hardtail, can be taken back to stock in an afternoon.

The Bad...

Rattle can paint, matte black.

Headlight glass is cracked, hence the tape 'X'

Motor is at .060 over, maxed out, so next rebuild will require jugs to be re-sleeved

Cheap seat

Rubbers need to be replaced, dirty and old

It is a Triumph, it needs constant attention

I built this bike myself, twice, I can answer almost any question you have.

I am not dying to sell this bike, will not back off price much, if any.

May consider trades.

I have loads of pics if needed.

Can deliver to SoCal or Arizona. We will negotiate terms, share cost??


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