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70 Sportster frame..

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I was just read a thread where someone made a comment about cutting a 67's Sportster frame.....

I am just about ready to take the saw to a 70 XLCH.....(numbers match the engine, if it makes a difference) and it is a really nice is not all hacked up.

Now I am have second thoughts.....are they getting rare or scarce?

What are some opinions (not that your opinion matters!!)??

Should make for a good read...
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And how many 45 frames do you see for sale that aren't sporting the classic "re-bar arc weld neck rake" or every tab hacked off? The premium price for unmolested 900 frames has already started. Even in this shit economy, the prices are starting to get scary. I'm sure back in the day people had the same attitude with all those first year Knuckle frames too and that plan worked out pretty good.
That is exactly my point. What guys use to think were "cheap parts" like the 45's are now sky rocketing, my advice to the OP is leave that frame stock and find one already chopped up. It is going to happen, even Ironhead parts are going to jump in price. The more stuff gets cut up destroyed or tossed out, the origional stuff if going to get more and more expensive....
Japanese buyers helped inflate panhead prices.....and guess what they are riding now??? .....yup, early sporties
OK....OK.....All Right.... I'll cop out...!!!

I'm guilty of cutting up shit that I regret ....

From this....

To this.....

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What you plan to do with the build should give insight on cutting or keeping.. What style are you going for? If you want a long stretched "digger" or a goose-neck, the factory neck doesn't really flow with that style.. so I'd say fab a frame and keep the OG one intact.

If you want a stock rake short hardtail, cut the frame at the downtubes and the backbone, (Keep the rear portion to graft back together when you want to "restore" the frame) graft on the rear of your design and build from there.

If you really don't care about any originality, just get the saws and welder fired up..

Just a thought.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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