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70 Sportster frame..

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I was just read a thread where someone made a comment about cutting a 67's Sportster frame.....

I am just about ready to take the saw to a 70 XLCH.....(numbers match the engine, if it makes a difference) and it is a really nice is not all hacked up.

Now I am have second thoughts.....are they getting rare or scarce?

What are some opinions (not that your opinion matters!!)??

Should make for a good read...
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When I was a kid, the car restorers hated the hotrodders....I dug hotrods and couldn't understand the hate. Now I completely understand it. The majority of so-called hotrods, customs, choppers, and bobbers should have been left to the restorers. Most "hand built" customs look like shit......which is why the ugly and funny bikes is the most popular thread around here.
I have confidence i can pull it off...not my first bike build...and I have been in the collision/restoration repair biz for 35+ i do know which end of the screwdriver to grab...if your implying to leave it alone????
Not implying to leave it alone. For me, it's not about the ability to fab or build, it's all about design.....and, for me, most of what is done these days, just doesn't work. I hope you are the exception. There are some cool bikes being built here.....get cuttin!!!!
Japanese buyers helped inflate panhead prices.....and guess what they are riding now??? .....yup, early sporties
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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