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70 Sportster frame..

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I was just read a thread where someone made a comment about cutting a 67's Sportster frame.....

I am just about ready to take the saw to a 70 XLCH.....(numbers match the engine, if it makes a difference) and it is a really nice is not all hacked up.

Now I am have second thoughts.....are they getting rare or scarce?

What are some opinions (not that your opinion matters!!)??

Should make for a good read...
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Butcher it up alot of other folks who dont know what the hell they are doin butcherin up there sportys,fatboys,baggers ect...

but dont be like them with crappy lines cheeze dick welds and just parts slapin shit on,Treat it as a learning curve do research and thought it goes along ways.Lots of folks just chop shit and get carried away and it ends up in the funny fugly bike thread.
1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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