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68 Triumph rigid with Suzuki front end.

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I'm building a bobber using a 68 T100 engine and a 71 Triumph frame. These pictures are of the first phase, ill go over the different parts and hope people find it an interesting read.
The frame was bought on ebay with the hardtail already attached. After a few weeks of gasping at the price of an old engine and then the cost of having it rebuilt I spotted a 68 T100 that had been written off 200 miles after a complete rebuild and quickly purchased it. A set of 09 GSXR forks have been fitted, to do this new bearings need to purchased and the 28mm stem needs to be turned down to 26mm. A 5/8 steel bar has been fitted into the stem for extra strength. New bearing cup and yoke nut were machined to mount the forks.
Luckily I found a new billet top yoke on Ebay going cheap, just had to machine it down to fit. The oil tank was made by Tony at specialist fabrication welding, after sending him a cardboard mock up, Tony did a fantastic job on the welds. The petrol tank has been de-seemed and the cap will be repositioned in the centre.
The rear wheel is the stock hub but replacing the 18" rim with a 16", the front hub is Harley sportster with metric bearings and a spacer for the disc. Central Wheel Components of Brum did the re-spoke. The rear lights are fitted with LED's and will be mounted into the license plate. Ill add more as it happens. Hope you enjoy what you see.


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That is a sexy looking scoot, more pics of the stance please, that GSX-R front end looks dead on. How much you end up picking the rebuilt engine for? Reason I ask is because my jaw dropped as well when I began looking for a motor, and then dropped some more when I added the costs of new bearings, barrel, pistons, rings, etc.
More pics will follow. The written off bike cost me 3K but as most of the parts were new or had be reconditioned I managed to get nearly half that back on ebay (minus fees). So all in all I got a good engine for just over £1500 and with out the rebuild hassle... keep your eyes open they are out there. Triumph Twin Spares ltd have a rebuilt engine on Ebay at the moment for £1600.
Quick side to show her lines.


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Subscribed! Nice looking rig!

Nice to see more of the 500's getting done. That's almost exactly what I've got planned for my T100. Any idea on hardtail specs? Looks like about 4"over 2" down? Did the forks need to be lowered/shortened to get that stance?
Looking very nice! I like that frontend, I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with mine. Thanks for showing me another option!
Interesting --- I am always a fan of inverted forks ...

Uploaded with
68 Bonnie with an early 80's ? Suzuki gs 650 front end.
One of the sweetest handling bikes I've ever owned.
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Im glad you guys like what you see. To answer DPWU, I didn't buy the hard tail but believe its a David Bird and the GSXR forks are untouched.

Ive just collected the tank from my welder mate. I need to pressure test it now, any ideas on what PSI I should pump into it?


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3 psi if that. you don't need much to check for leaks.
Cheers kbg
very nice lookin bike I like the streach out back!
Headlamp now fitted, its a Trippe spotlight made in Halifax, England in the 30's, I think. Firstly I had to make a little fixture to machine the bowl out, then I cut the back out of a VW Polo headlamp and using springs fitted it onto the back of the Trippe bowl. Haven't tested it yet but fingers crossed. A set of Lowbrow customs 1 3/4 Exhausts also fitted, a sleeve was required to fit them onto the cylinder head. Just waiting now for some brackets to be laser cut and more will follow.


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Def a cool scoot! Two things though; 1) Are the exhaust pipes really that low, or is it just the camera angle? They look quite a bit lower than the horozontal frame rails. 2) NOW I know what to do with at least two of the Triumph pistons that have been piling up in my garage; Light fixtures for the work bench! And is that the on-off pull-string with a con-rod hanging to the left? Brilliant!
Cheers, Dan.
Cheers Dan, they are low but the pic does make them look really low. Once the brackets are welded on ill get the bike on the floor and double check the clearance. Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions about the piston lights. liking the Angry Monkey tee's. Dave
Shit if dan likes it you're in! Nice job

Dan, been awhile...glad everything is going well
DAmn..... thought I was the only one that spotted those piston lights...

LOVE the look, keep us posted.

Also...any info on the jack/stand?...that thing seriously extends! how steady is it? Looks like bolting it to the floor may be a option...
The front end makes the ride so much better. I've been running a 07 GSXR front end on my ridged for the last 5 years. Great work by the way
Yep, the big headlight and big tank definitly make the front end work with you bike.
It's been a month! We're ready for an update!!
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