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fuzzagogo said:
Looks great! Keep up the good work!! What other parts
are you going to use? Like front end/ wheels and so on??

Cheers!! // Henrik
Stock frontend w/MCM covers, 19in stock wheel, and 16in rear with a dual white wall, and a old Model A taillight. For the bars I'm not sure yet, Aps or drag I got some Z bars from Kartbreaker. I still got the sportster tank to switch out every once in a while. Trying to get it BACK to stock as much as possible, but with some flavor. I will run the motor as is, and rebuilt it in a couple of months, once it all good to go I'll send it for the real paint job and powder coat. For now I'm just going to lay down some paint.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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