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66 XLCH Sportster chopper basket

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For sale is a 1966 XLCH based chopper. I was riding this bike until it got an air leak on the freeway and melted the front piston. At that point I pulled the bike apart completely and started to change some things up. It has sat that way for a few years now with little to no progress and now i have even less time so its time to part ways. the bike is 99% completed and i will include the list of things i know need to be done. this is a kick only Magneto bike. The frame is a Paughco Rigid with no stretch that has been coated in POR15 and chassis coat. the front end is a stock 60s with a 1" stem and tapered bearings. I have all of the parts to reassemble this bike minus a wrist pin bushing and engine gaskets. i have a good set of cylinders that are bored .020 and a new piston kit to match. This basket will come with lots of extra parts including stock 2.2 tank and stock fenders, 3.3 tank, and factory parts and shop manuals.

things that need to be done;
Steering stops
sissy bar finished
new oil pump
wrist pin bushing installed in front rod
headlight mount made
seat mounts
that is all i can think of and its not a lot i just have no time at all and wont for a while so if you are looking for a good quick project this is it.
$3500 takes it

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Bump price reduction 3000 or best offer. Willing to trade as well
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