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62 Xlch

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I have a 1962 XLCH , It has been sitting for some time now , its all there and overall is pretty nice , chrome frame , stock rake , has magneto and horseshoe oil tank , aluminium wheels i have title in hand . and can answer any questions . Any questions feel free to ask .
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Ok , a little bit of an update i did compression test it was good, No spark , so i pulled magneto and Sent the Rotor to Joe Hunt to recharge , Now all it needs is a to be put back together . So with a little work this will be a runner . I HAVE TITLE IN HAND NEED GONE 2000 THIS WEEKEND ONLY , I CAN SHIP ON YOUR DIME If not sold by Monday , the price goes back up .

8. Please do not bump the ad with a " SOLD " notice . If your item sells you can edit the title or add it into the text . If you respond to your own ad that it' s been sold , then you are bumping live adds off the front page and it will be deleted.
Keep doing it, you will not be allowed on the classified site.
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