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55 Panhead project.. VERY COMPLETE!

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I will be putting up more details and photos later today.

55 Pan motor (aftermarket left case, numbers ran and clean). This is a basket motor, wheels rods, pistons in, jugs at .070 over, bare heads (earlier casting). Has pinion and cam, but consider this a motor needing a full rebuild..

Complete and clean early trans. Needs a 5th mount repair, broken stud. Shifts smooth, pulled from a running riding bike.

Straight leg frame raked nicely.. this was ran with a juice rear brake, so brake stay removed and cross shaft gone.. frame is straight and nice..

Disk rear wheel, not sure of make.. think its an early Hallcraft.

Drum front (I will be putting a wheel with drum up front, wheel in pics isnt going with this one).

Not quite sure if the tanks are oem or not.. I had to repair both front top mounts, the sit nice and true now.. tanks are clean and runnable as is.

Everything in pics included. $8k/offers.. I will consider a long (12-16 over) inline springer as partial trade! Its gotta be nice.

Other parts included, but not listed above.
-complete primary.. inner and outter tins, chain, front/rear sprockets and clutch.
-rear fender and sissy bar.
-round aluminum oil bag

This is essentially a complete bike.
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BTT $7k/offer!

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Back up, MINUS THE MOTOR. Option of juice drum rear wheel setup or the Hallcraft.
$5k for sale/IMG_20120308_065415.jpg
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Back up.. $6500 for everything..

$4500 for roller.

$2000 for motor alone.

Dont make me build this!
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