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53 pan head project

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Hey now from NJ,

Finally getting to my pan head project, and looking for some guidance.

53 pan head with super B carb. I purchased it in 2019 as a future project. Last owner said it was rebuilt into a stroker some time ago.

Bike was a bit difficult for me to start at first, but figured it out. Rode it a few times then noticed a valve cover leaking. Decided to put it away until I finished a few projects.
Here’s a video link of it running before I put it away back in 2019.

So now it’s really hard to start. Have to full throttle prime kick multiple times and kick start it flooded just about.
Also, it wouldnt idle without the enrichment up. I had to run idle screw in so it would idle. Didn’t need to do that before. Here is a video link:

So I pulled the plugs to get some ideas on issues. They looked fouled from running rich. what you guys think?

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Also did a compression test. About 90 psi on both cylinders. Front was a little higher than rear.
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So my plan is to go over ignition system and rebuild carb. Bought a rebuild kit.
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Any advice/tips/experience would be greatly appreciated.
once I get it running better I will be looking for advice on replacing valve cover gaskets. I’m assuming the engine will have to be removed, but will be looking for guidance from you all.

Please provide thoughts and I will update you all with updates

hope to hear back. Thanks guys
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I have a pan with a Super B and I love it, but the Super B is notorious for leaking around the throttle shafts from wear. This, or an intake manifold leak, will make any motor hard to start and tune. Did you install the new throttle shaft included in the rebuild kit? Sometimes that's enough. I see your kit also includes two steel bushings. Be aware that if these aren't installed extremely accurately you'll end up worse than before. It's a job for a Bridgeport. Also, you said you were giving it full-throttle primer kicks. The enrichener circuit on the Super B doesn't do anything at full throttle. It needs manifold vacuum to work. And 90 psi compression on both cylinders is definitely enough to get the motor started and running okay. Good luck.
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