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52 Vincent Rapide series C basket

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52 Vincent Rapide series C basket..SOLD

allright's a chance you don't get everyday.....a chance to buy a reasonable Vincent..for those of you that haven't seen Cycle World this last month...check out Jeff Deckers take on one of these..built from a bitsa like this one..if you've ever thought you'd never have the you go..

1952 Vincent Series C rapide..Rescued from a 50 yr storage in the attic of an old victoran house on a farm in the foothills of Northern california.mileage is unknown and the 999 figure in the description is not accurate..front frame# is RC 10239 which is from a 52 series C rapide...Engine is from a very early production 1947 Rapide(#302) and rear section is also also from a 47...All#s have been verified by Vincent registry in England and whoever ends up buying this will receive all the information pertinent to where they were shipped to initially...I would call the engine 80% complete...what you see in the pictures was found with it..everything that is missing is readily available through Coventry Spares in Ma..The right hand case suffered some damage in a fire which you can see in the photos..I have spoken with Mike Parti who is in and also Dennis Etcersley(who I took the cases to initially) out of the bay area. Dennis told me he felt it could be repaired for in the $1k-$1500 range..Mike said he would have to see it but felt it would not be a problem as well...Both those #s will be passed along as is missing the transmission and primary drive but I have located a can also buy a 5spd for $2500....The steering head and oil tank are present as well as the complete gydraulic front fork assemlbly which is missing only the upper shock mounts..front brakes are there,,fuel tank is present..rear frame section is there as well as a set of fenders..the hubs are present and a set of 19+18 Borrani rims with spokes..I am not sure of these spokes are correct or not but they were with it..worst case scenario you can purchase them from Buchanans..I also have an NOS speedo that is included but not pictured..I Have run all these #s with the califonria DMV and also with the vincent registry and they have both come up clean..the bike will come with a notarized bil of sale....SOLD...
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mother of god I wish I had 17k to throw around

Gluck on sale
new pics,and slight price drop..
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