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Back in the Old days the trick was to use two right side wheels to get a lighter rotating Assembly....Like what T&O and S&S has going on nowadays...


......Sprocket Shaft History......

Here is a bit of history on the design of the sprocket shaft over the years...

From first conception to approximately 1954, The Mo-Co used a 6 degree taper on the flywheel side. In 1956, there was a change to 8 1/2 degrees, and a major diameter of about 1.060 at the largest end of the taper. The 1955 had a special sprocket shaft and flywheel, at 8 1/2 degrees, without a bearing shoulder on the shaft.

The 8 1/2 degree X 1.060 taper lasted until 1972. It retained the 8 1/2 degree taper, but was increased in size to about 1.400 at the largest part of the taper. This shaft also used a bigger nut, 1 1/8 - 16, and the flywheels still used a nut locking plate and screw until early 1981.

In late 1981 they became what the Mo-Co called "Communized" taper, which is the old 6 degree, but with a size of about 1.310 at the largest part of the taper. The flywheel side nut has the same thread at 1 1/8 X 16, but the flywheels do not have a screw hole for a locking plate.

......Pinion Shaft History......

The first non-splined, (tapered with key) pinion shaft was introduced in 1954. Taper was 6 degree on flywheel side. This remained the same until 1990 with the introduction of the integral shaft flywheels.

* 1954-72 Pinion shafts had the side oiler hole design, oil hole in flywheel and shaft, 135 degrees to the key.

* 1973 was the first year of constant oil flow to the crank pin (End oiler design); oil hole in flywheel and shaft 135 degrees to the key.

* 1981-89 pinion shaft was commonized taper design. Oil hole in flywheel and shaft 90 degrees to the key. (End oiler design)

* 1954 - Early 1981 use 3/4 - 18 thread on flywheel side.

* Late 1981-89 use 3/4 - 20 thread on flywheel side.....H-D#24023-36

* 1954-E81 use pinion nut H-D#24023-54

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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