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42 WLA motor..complete as you see it with Mikuni and distributor..Linkert pictured is no longer part of the deal
all there and spins over...front intake valve is sticky,so your going to either see if you can free it up as is,or pull the front cylinder and remove it to clean the valve and the guide up..all motor mounts are good..and no repairs to the cases anywhere that I can see..matching#s on bottom and good vins..which were run and are clean..gennie saddle needs a repair..or run as is..timing pulg hole will need a heli coil..3 small fins missing of front small one on'll also need 10 head bolts..other than that,nice easy builder motor..I was just going to free the valve up and make it run and go from there..but that is your call..comes with bill of sale...$1500
37 WL Cases..nice#s and matching repairs or damage anywhere that I can see..someone modified the gennie saddle looks like for a mag? won't see it with the gennie in place..nice pre-war cases..can't honestly remember the last time I saw ..$400..
Flanders risers..dis-assembled,blasted,and re-assembled..ready to run..$325.
19" invader round spoke wheel..straight..minor surface rust that they all seem to have around the hub..should clean up fine..SOLD..
18x1.25 Radelli spool wheel...$75..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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