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Thanks for the nice comments. Bike was a mess when picked up. Looked Okay at first but you know how it goes once you start taking things apart. Lots of time on the net and hitting swap meets tracking down as many OE parts as possible. Front end was an original cut up with boxed legs and an imported 19" front drum wheel. Found mint OE legs from a guy in Atlanta, Put on a 16" wheel. The 5" firestones were not fun with a wheel that is not true. Finally bit the bullet and had it trued by my local HD shop who has it nearly perfect and it now rolls nice. Cut up a mangled rear fender and struts to get it to lay better.

Had the frame & little pieces Powder coated, Cleaned up and coated the rusty tanks prior to paint.

Many hours in the garage with my buddies helping out made for a great winter.

Plan to make a few changes but for now I am just riding this thing whenever I can.


1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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