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alright guys....did a little more massaging ..added an exhaust and gennie to the 42 motor and dropped prices..need some room..and got bills to pay..
42 WLA motor..complete with Mikuni carb,distributor,12v gennie and exhaust..Nice pad and vins already run with the CA authoritys and are clean..matching belly#s..rebuilt feed pump..motor spins fine and seem to have decent compression..needs 10 headbolts and cam cover screws..
very front part of gennie saddle is broken off..I have that piece off another case which is cam cover screw hole will need repair.both can be seen in the pics..other than that.everything else seems cool....nice motor that should run with the addtion of the headbolts and cam cover screws..with bill of sale which can be notarized if you like..$1600..
Linkert M35T roded with the addition of M74 Venturi and internals..dis-assembled,blasted,then re-assembled with the above parts as mentioned, plus new needle and seat,and bowl gasket..ready to run..$375..
Ratchet top...aftermarket...probobly from Ted' finish..lubed for your pleasure and ready to go..$150..
Flanders risers..ready to run..$300..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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