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This is all the best of the best I have been saving for myself for the past 8yrs to put this bike together..But since I have just come across a 33 SS I am going to let this one go to help pay for it..

Cherry 42 frame never cut repaired or damaged anywhere I can see..Come with extra ridgid sport scout rear section..Front end is scout which has the neck stem from a chief included with it..also straight and same as above..comes also with bars,with the guts...and flanders risers..tanks are from a 34/5 SS and one needs the rear section whish is missing..Motor is a complete 741 that includes the carb+distributor..but no gennie.motor turns..will need a couple fins repaired on the heads and cylinders..comes with an extra set of 40 SS cases so you can swap out the internals to make a real SS...trans is complete and kicks through ..Inner primary is there as well as the clutch basket..wheels are 16's from a chief front and rear...also has an OG bobbed scout rear fender...will come with a bill of sale...7200..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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