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This is a PRE-ORDER. Once enough rims have been paid for, then the order will be filled & on it's way from Europe.

Available in the following sizes (all for 40 hole):
21" x 1.60" WM1
19" x 1.60" WM1
19" x 1.85" WM2
18" x 2.15" WM3
18" x 2.50" WM4

As you may already know, a company in Spain bought the old tooling from Akront and does runs from time to time. Photo is of one laced up to a K-Model HD hub.

Comes polished & either drilled (please specify) or un-drilled & whoever builds your wheel can drill it.

Shipping anywhere in the 48 states is $25. Two can fit in the same box, so get a spare or have your buddies order all together & save some dough. You can order through me on here or on bigcartel. Please spread the word.. the sooner we meet the minimum, the sooner we have em in-hand & on our bikes.

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