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20th annual RUN TO THE SUN at Sunset Motors, Kenosha, Wi.

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Sunset Motors along with the BBC (British Biker Cooperative) is having a get together and ride on May 20th 2012. For those of you not in the know, Sunset motors is where the legendary Hogslayer twin engine Norton T/F drag bike was built and raced out of in the 70's. It's worth the trip in itself to check out the shop which pretty much hasn't changed in 35 years and to see the 3 engine Norton top fuel bike on the show room floor. T.C. Christenson will be on hand to regale you with stories of when he rode the quickest 1/4 mile bike in the world!

Not riding a British bike:eek: Not a problem, all are welcome.

Starts at 12 noon, BBC members meeting at 1:00 and then a ride thorough beautiful south east WI. starts at 2:00

For more info call: 262-657-5600

Sunset Motors
1403 52nd street
Kenosha WI.

Hope to see you there!!!
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