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This doesn't really apply to your bike, but i've got an FXR that originally had a 2-1 that was really nice. It broke at the junction welds so i sawed off the end. They were basically short drag pipes at that point. I did a little tuning, but i lost most of my low-end. It would move though at high rpm. I replaced those pipes with some 2-2 old school straight pipes and i had almost no low-end power even after adjusting and tuning. It ran great again at high rpm, but sucked at low rpm. Finally got a Thunderheader 2-1 and its the best thing i've ever done for my bike. It runs like a bat outta hell on the low end, tons of torque, and when it gets up into higher rpm's it wants to go even more.

Did a lot of research on pipes before i went back to the 2-1 and it seemed the general concencus, for Harley's at least, was that a 2-1 is always gonna be a better performance bet. Let us know what you decide.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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