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2.75x21 speedmaster, chopper parts,light, 21" brake wheel

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Pricein it
(1)SOLDFirst up is a damn good shape 2x75x 21" avon speed masterSOLD

(2)21" Jap wheel with small brake and trials tire, good shape, perfect for aluminium forks. $150 shipped

(3)Halcraft mini drum, unfortunetly No backing plate but its a killer drum and damn good shape if you have the backing plate $40 shipped

(4)1" small Z bars fits perfect between offset sportster risers. $40 shipped

(5)triumph unit 500cc oil tank, good shape no dents and no rust $35 shipped

(6)chopper 5" light with hex mount! good old chrome 2 wire. $35 shipped

(7) knucklehead speedo and mount, looks like 70s repop $80 shipped

my email is [email protected]

i will trade for parts too! NEED: Bates ribbed fender,trackmaster tank,flat track spools, nice 10"ish apes 1", BSA 18" rear wheel,bsa Tank, wasell tank(deep tunnel),bsa 441 tank and OIL tank, set of nice knuckle pipes


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open to offers!
Offer! You need this shit!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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