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1st bike build - new member from UK

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Hi everyone!

new member here, name is JP, im from UK, well, originally from Portugal, but been living in UK for the past 8 years.

Im 32 and been into bikes for as long as i can remember.
have a couple of "crotch rockets", but always liked the chops/bobbers, years ago I had a VN Drifter bobber and regreted when I sold her..

I'm keen on mechanics and fabrication, I also own a Land Rover, so fabrication, mending and welding is a constant with it..

As I own quite a few tools that I gathered along the years, like metal shear,bend and roller machine, 160A MIG, etc,etc... I thought now was the time to start looking for that project I always wanted.

So after a few years, I finally found her and got her home last Monday.

1979 Ironhead....
Weld on rear frame, very professional and properly done jon
The engine has been completly stripped, cleaned and new gaskets used everywhere
and came with loads and loads of bits and bobs for her, standard parts, etc...

As I'm completly new to a bike build I hope I can get some tips from here as to be honest I dont know where to start!! hahahaha

here's a few pics of her with some parts just put on

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Welcome aboard!
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