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For Sale 1990 Sportster. Here is a description of it.

Frame & Suspension:Stock frame and swing arm. Works Performance rear shocks. Stock 39 m.m. front forks with Screaming Eagle fork brace.
Factory sheet metal (fenders and tank) painted 1999Chrysler Red.
Sadleman seat

Wheels and Brakes & Controls:
Front: 19" spoke wheel with Metzler Laser 3.25x19" tire.
Rear: 18" spoke wheel with Metzler ME880 140x70x18" tire.
G.M.A. Brakes, disc rotors and master cylinders on both front and rear wheels.
G.M.A. Clutch lever and handlebar controls
Steel braided brakes lines on both front and rear.

1200 c.c. 3.510" bore x 3.812 stroke.
1986 H.D. 1100 heads (rare) hand ported with Stainless valves.
S&S beehive valve springs.
S&S roller rocker arms.
15* combustion chamber to match Wiseco Thunderstorm pistons.
O.E. flywheels and rods rebuilt and balanced.
Stainless steel Windage tray installed.
Red Shift 531 cams.
S&S tappets and Rivera Eng Taperlite pushrods.
S&S G carb with 1 Thunder jet.
Dyna 2000 I single fire ignition and coil.
Bassani 2 into 1 collector exhaust system (chrome).

This engine runs on 89 octane gas and makes just under 100 horsepower!

Clutch & Transmission :
Stock style clutch with Energy One Kevlar plates.
Zippers billet double bearing trap door.
Back cut gears and Andrews main shaft.
Barnett high efficiency clutch cable.

Directional relocation kit and flat lenses.
Halogen headlight and tail light.
Chrome tag bracket -rear sprocket & chain guard

There is just over 12000 miles on this bike since new, and approximately 8000 on this engine and transmission.

This is a very reliable and fast bike. Great bar hopper!
Asking $4750.
You can contact me here.



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