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1986 Special Construction (FLHTC engine)

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A friend is selling his bike to fund his newest car project. If you have any questions, please call Wayne at (270)792-4701

This special construction titled (KY) bike started with a 1986 Harley FLHTC engine. It has an aftermarket hardtail frame and and softtail transmission with a working kicker starter. The starter works well but it's nice to have a kicker as a backup. 3" open belt primary, sprung solo seat, DNA (I know, I know) springer with disk brake, air brushed paint job, wide rear tire, 2" shotgun pipes.

A front fender, extra oil tank and air cleaner comes with the bike too.

The owner is a machinist. Most machinists are very particular about upkeep and cleanliness and he is no exception. The bike was put together well and been maintained very well over the years.

Again, call Wayne with any questions or offers...

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