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1985... I was told that HD made shorter cylinders on some. Was told that in 1987 at the HD dealer in Omaha, when I had a noise in my 1985 FXSB. Turns out the noise was the piston making contact with the carbon on the squish. Anyway I have owned 2 of the 1985's both had the crank and actually stop cranking. On the first one I did the kill switch disconnect so I had no spark to fight when cranking. The second one I adjusted the timing more to retard. It still does the stop cranking. But I hit the button and if it doesn't crank I'll stop and try again, most times it will get past it and start. They do make thicker head gaskets for this too as a fix. A good battery is necessary. Also check your VOES is not stuck should be open with no vacuum.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts