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Before i start this yes i read the breather 101 i just needed reassurance.

I recently put together my ironhead chopper after sitting for about a year and a half out of a frame. Before i started the engine i primed it by spinning the wheel in 4th till it came out where the oil pressure switch is. we started it up a few times and it ran just fine. but when i was about to get on the bike and take it for the first spin oil started puking out of the breather. so i stopped it and started again and let the bike run letting the oil spit out of the breather for a little while like it says in the breather 101 thread. But it was not stopping and got to the point where there was barely any oil in the tank. so i killed it unsure of what was going on. i filled the oil tank back up and started her up with the return line off the pump. it had such a little amount of oil coming out.

so my questions are

how much oil should be returning out of the pump?
can a broken oil pump not returning cause oil to puke out of breather?
What is the first step here?
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