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SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got a very nice '73 Triumph T140V motor with good Ohio title. Motor needs assembled but is 98% there and some of what's there is brand new. New rods, rod bearings, stator, valve guides, stainless hardware, rings, valve springs and more. The head looks great, ready to install the valves, no broken fins on the head or jug. The side covers have been polished and are ready to go. The only things missing to completely put this together is the rotor for the charging system, some gaskets, primary inspection cover, clutch plates and that's it as far as I can tell. The tranny is all there, with no broken teeth. I will ship this but that will depend on where the buyer is, I'd prefer to have it picked up. Send me a message on here or email [email protected], thanks, strit

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