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Just picked up a late '40s Triumph project so my old '68 is going on the chopping block.

The bike is 90% finished, hasn't been registered or titled yet. Just never got to that stage in the build. Motor runs nice, top end was rebuilt, bottom end was freshened up. Has new rings and rebuilt head/carb. Timed with a new Joe Hunt magneto. The clutch needs a good going through, the basket isn't shimmed right so it's wacky. The frame is straight, the front end is original just freshened up..could probably use a rebuild but I rode it like this for a while, has some cool real MCM fork covers on it. The tin's on the bike are NOS Wassell, the tank is PERFECT, the fender is cut and has a few holes in it, but is nice. Has a new rear tire, chain, and other nick nacks.

I'm looking to trade this bike straight up, for a Triumph pre-unit motor and transmission. Rebuilt, or not. As long as it's complete and in good shape. Not looking to screw anybody or really make a buck, I'm just dying to build my pre-unit.

Any questions or anything, give me a shout at:

504-428-4254 or email me at [email protected]

The bike is currently up on the Born Loser blog, had a few bites but no takers yet.

Thanks everyone!


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